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  1. Hello 007, i think I'm v18, so how do i update the firmware? Thanks
  2. Anyone else have this problem? I have a 2007 IS250, If i dont push the 'MAP' button then tap 'i agree' to show the map for more than a day or so the car gets lost and shows my location generally no where near where i am, and i have to go through the whole process of calibration etc. It seems its forgetting or losing its memory unless its turned on. Many thanks, bob
  3. Hello all, This problem on my 2007 is250 has happened only a couple of times the last 12 months. I stop for whatever reason, with foot on the brake and the car in drive and after a few seconds i get a bit of a shake from the engine as if it its going to stall, similar if a spark plug lead was disconnected. if i put it in neutral it idles normally, or goes back to running normal once i start moving again. Only a spasmodic problem, otherwise car runs perfectly at other times. Many thanks for any suggestions
  4. HI all, I had a fire in my home yesterday and its destroyed the transponders for my 2007 IS250. Would appreciate any information as to what my next step should be. I can get onto the vehicle using the metal key. Im in sydney. Many thanks for your help
  5. I rang lexus of parramatta service dept, told them my car was within the recall numbers, and was told lexus were repairing 500 cars at a time, and i would be contacted. I said i bought the car second hand and were doubtful lexus would have my address. He replied the Roads and maritime authority would have that information and they would contact me. Anyone heard that one?
  6. Ah i found it. 17x8. so 255/45/17 should be good
  7. HI sawndz11, Where do i look to see if their 7 or 8inch rims?
  8. Hi all, Im due for a set of rear tyres on my 2007 is250. Currently has dunlop sportmaxx 245/45/17. Ill probably stick with them , but would a set of 255/45/17 fit on the 17inch rim ok? Thanks for any input
  9. I see they rotate the tyres. Tyres on my '07 are directional for a start and rear ones are wider than the front. If that is oem how do they rotate the tyres?
  10. Im in the same position. Research ive done indicates the transponders from the U.S wont work where. Their frequency is something like 440mhz and in oz 315mhz. However it looks like singapore based lexus have same frequency as ours but ive been unable to track one down. Our choices are limited at this stage. I attempted to do a deal with McCarrolls at waitara who i bought the car off but the salesman couldnt get off his arse and help me. Once he had the cash he didnt care. Im been givin a number of a locksmith who specializes in transponders ill post back with any developments
  11. Hi all again, Updated version 13 on my nav unit to v17. Disc loaded fine. When i entered an address to test it i had the map and my location but no voice directions were forthcoming so i pushed MENU and the resume guidence icon is blacked out. I replaced v17 with the original v13 and its still blacked out. Any thoughts? Thank you very much, bob
  12. Hi all, Bought a one owner 2007 is250 about six months ago . Its solid and tight and runs like new. Only beef i have is the gps. Ive tried using it about four times but it wants to send me in the opposite direction i want to go. I know most systems dont know short cuts a driver might use but i tried it yesterday with an address 300 metres away and only one way to get there and it said go another way. Its a factory system and its running version14 . Thanks for any input
  13. Hello all, I have a 2007 is250 running whereis version 14. A friend who has a 2011 kluged running whereas version18 has kindly offered the disc to me to compare with my version. Question is if i try version 18 in my is250 can i revert back to version 14 without any problems after i give back version 18. Many thanks, bob