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  1. Hi guys, Ive got a 2006 model is250 and i have started to hear a whistling noise coming from the hood recently. It is noticeable when you start the car and becomes louder during 1000-2000rpm. After 2000rpm it disappears. I can also smell some sort of an electrical burn smell if the car has been on for awhile. The car is currently at 89000kms. Ive looked through some forums and people suggest is something to do with the belt, alternator or water pump. Has anyone experienced this and is there a mechanic you would like to suggest. Thanks.
  2. still available? im interested.
  3. Hi guys Im planning to get a blackvue dr650 and hardwire it using a power magic pro. Has anyone installed something similar and tell me if I can install the power magic pro in the glovebox of a 2006 is250. Im looking for a hidden install.
  4. yep youre correct. I used touch up paint and has become less noticeable. I think after wetsanding and buffing it will improve it more.
  5. Just recently noticed a paint chip on the hood of my is250. What should I do to make it look as good as possible. Ive attached what it looks like cheers guys
  6. Hey guys I have a 06 lexus is250 that is due for the 60000km servicing. What is included within the service and any recommended private mechanics?
  7. Hey guys, just wondering where I can get HID conversion kits for a 2006 is250. Also is there a recommended kit? cheers