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  1. sydney isf tuners who can recommend

    Make sure you tell him what year model it is. I had big trouble with my tune, loosing all throttle in traffic very dangerous, he eventually believed me, it was a tune related issue, all good after tilt tow back to him from Moruya $$$. If in hind sight I would have gone RR Racing.
  2. New intake

    One thing with turbo,s the further from the engine the more lag, what the fitting for cheers. ps is this a road or track car.
  3. New intake

    That's big what's the fitting on it, water injection ?? Are you sure you need ARP head bolts RR Racing haven't any problems with there supercharge kits they have flogged the date out of there test car and as far as I know the heads haven't come off cheers.
  4. New intake

    Single turbo or twin, smaller turbo,s spool faster, I have only fitted one turbo to a Torana in the 80,s the whole kit was $600 from Repco. It went good but heaps of lag and it went to Perth and back (Canberra 4 blokes 1 dog and a boot full of grog) no problems. take heaps of pics cheers.
  5. Babalouie ISF Maintenance Thread

    Stuff and I thought I had car ocd, that's TOO shiny. but nice.
  6. New intake

    Good on you lots of questions front of rear mount, intercooler, boost, tune etc. cheers.
  7. PPE header group buy

    OK its been a while who has fitted there PPE s and give us a HONEST opinion on power added and the extra sound, and the price for fitting with cats, is it really night and day as the Yanks say, and has anyone got before and after dyno results as if I see some good results I will get them cheers F people
  8. ISF Car Bra

    That's a fair price, hope you sell it, but I hate them,a bit like having sex with a condom, just my opinion.
  9. Newbie from Adelaide

    Welcome Tony, the GS 350 is a nice cruiser enjoy.
  10. Odd electrical issue

    All electrical issues are odd, could be battery related check you charging rate, if not don't spend a fortune on it take it to a Lexus guru good luck.
  11. Head light issue

    Sounds like the bulb easy and cheap to replace
  12. FOR SALE - ISF DIFF (non LSD)

    How did you blow it and what let go??
  13. Cost of a local tune was $2100 with dyno time. IF I could do it again RR Racing is a no brainer (I should have done more research ) anyway live and learn, would love the 7200 redline.
  14. ATF Fluid

    A GOOD automatic gearbox place can do a filter and fluid change (not just the pan ) many cars are "sealed for life" which is a load of crap, did mine at 70000km perfect before and perfect after, but it will cost you $500 WS oil 12lts, filter kit, and labour. You can do it yourself for $350 not worth the hassle. interested what Chatswood charge cheers.
  15. Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    Just saw this on the US forum looks good.