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  1. Lexus of Perth informed me they use Mobil Synthetic 5W-30. Interesting to see that different oils are used in different states. At higher km's (not sure how high) I hear that thicker oils used than what is specified for a new/low km's car. Maybe someone can elaborate on this.
  2. Felt quite weird first time sitting in a hybrid and starting the car. So quiet! The EV signal indicates the car has started and so you just throttle on without the engine on. The regenerative braking sounded cool but probably wears off after awhile =) There's a post on real 300h fuel consumption - they seem to be getting between 5-7L per 100km. Unsure what the 200t drivers are averaging. For the 350, best I can get so far is 11.6L per 100km.
  3. Just curious... did it stay down in the 10's/100km? I'm averaging 11.6L/100km
  4. New IS350 F Sport Owner

    Cheers for the response! Did a light polish and was happy enough with the result. Quote for repair was approximately $1.5k for bumper replacement. Authorised repairer would not consider anything other than a replacement. In regards to the touch up paint, the Dealer directed me to the authorised repairer. Small tin was around $25. Only the base coat could be provided (i.e. no top coat and clear coat). Enjoy the RC350 Beast!!!
  5. Hi All, New IS350 F Sport owner (first Lexus!) and loving the car! Looking forward in joining in the forum chats. Sadly, car is only 4 months old and an @55 has already scraped the rear bumper while parked at a shopping centre. As expected, no details left and with my luck, no CCTV in the area =/ Mainly paintwork damage and 80% can be buffed/polished out. Still considering if its worth making claim under insurance or just touching up the deep scratch to not affect me insurance premiums. Reviewing old posts, courtesy tin of touch up paint appears to have been provided as part of the new car purchase. Is this a thing of the past or are Lexus dealers still providing touch up paint. Never received any. Cheers!