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  1. Down for a cruise if anyone's in Melbourne! :)
  2. Thought I'd loop everyone in with my progress... After months of hunting; I finally found a set of rims! (Hallelujah!). I settled for a staggered set of Work CR Kai, 18x8.5 +37 (Front) and 18x9.5 +38 (Rear). Super happy with the results. Attached a couple of pictures. Next project is to find a set of coils to lower the car. So, starting to do some research on coils now!
  3. Hey iinkz. Thanks for the response. And my apologies for the late one! To answer your questions: Budget: Hoping to spend less than AU$1000, 1250 tops. (Which is why i'll probably end up getting second hands) Are you willing to do fender mods: defs not. What kind of look are you after: a nice decent flush look. Are you going to lower your car? Getting coil overs is in the books; just not sure how much i'll drop it though... Heres a couple of pictures of wheels that i like..they pretty much meet the exact look that i'm after..
  4. Hey guys, I'm looking to invest $ on some new rims for my '08 IS250. I'm currently running OEM 16". I'm hoping to find some 17", or preferably some 18". Thing is, I know nothing about what I should be keeping an eye out for. Any tips and advice would be GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks.
  5. After a long search, finally picked up a 2008 IS250. Great car. Already clocked 1500km's in less than a fortnight. Looking to modify the car; and hoping i can get advice and tips through this forum! Cheers, and great to meet you all!