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  1. Hi Vukie, did you do the front or the rear? Have you noticed rust on the inner edges of your DBA rotors? Although the overall diameter is the same, DBA rotors have more inner surface (about 1cm comparing to OEM's) where the pads can never touch. I was told by both my mechanic and DBA Australia that this is normal.
  2. $350 for two front T2's is what I got quoted too. Anyone has experience with Akebono pads?
  3. I will get a local workshop to change them for me. Without the space and proper tools it would be a painful job for me. I have confirmed the rotor part numbers with DBA. Now just looking where to order. Still choosing pads..
  4. Thanks. What about the T2 slot ones? Also read some good reviews about Akebono pads. Pads are much easier to source from overseas given the light weight.
  5. Happy New Year! Hope you all had great times with your families and with your cars:) My 350 F Sport is over 40,000km and the brake pads are due for replacement. And the rotors as well, at least the dealer said so. As I remembered they quoted &800+ for the frond rotors and pads. I'm now thinking if I should just go aftermarket, for better value, performance, less dust? What are the options here for 3IS F sport? Maybe source from local DBA rotors + EBC pads? Will aftermarket brakes void warranty? Although I don't see changing brake components could cause anything serious? I do most of my driving in town, occasionally have 'fun aggressive' driving but never tracked. Thanks for all your inputs.