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  1. i just booked it in tomorrow. will let you guys know what happen.
  2. oil level is perfect. i can hear the engine noise when the car is idling as well. drive fine. everything seems to be fine but the noise.
  3. after the last oil change. i will check oil level today to see if its oil is low
  4. Hi, Do you find your is250 cabin a bit noisy? mine is making very loud engine noise like i am driving a diesel. i have to turn my music to 34 to get rid of it. any suggestions to fix this?
  5. can anyone show me how to remove my driver side air vent? i have googled a lot but only found the center air vent removal instruction. mine is rattle like crazy and it's driving me nut. thanks
  6. The car is definitely losing it coolant. last time me and my Friend, (he is a mechanic) was refill it with water. so the car is burning water. but kinda small amount, not massive ones you can see on youtube.
  7. Today i noticed smoke come out from my car. it was 6 am in the morning and it was 6degree celsius. after drove the car about 20km, its engine was warm but when i tested it again. the steam was still coming out. is head gasket gone?