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Hey Everyone,

I'm new to the forums here and I need some advice for a Toyota Windom 3.0 (ES300) which I was given last week as a project car. It is a 1992 model and imported here in 97 according to the plates in the engine bay. Anyway, here are some of my questions.

1) Is the ECU in the Windom the same as that in the Lexus ES300...?

2) My Windom doesn't have a drivers airbag and I have a friend who is parting out his ES300 '93 which was involved in a rear end accident. I have the airbag, airbag computer, the sensors, a clock spring and all the wiring harnesses I took off his car, if I transfer all this over to my car, will it work? I went to a few auto electricians and they said it would... but I've also heard that the airbag is connected to the cars main ECU? (as it is in my 2003 Corolla)

3) Does this car have an immobiliser? I'm parking it on the street since my driveway is full now, so I want it to be secure.

4) Mechanically speaking, are all the parts interchangeable with the ES300?

5) Why does the steering wheel retract upwards when I take the key out of the ignition? It's really annoying me.



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