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Anyone Interested To Go For Cams?

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There is a limit of 9 for this course to allow other invited clubs to fill in the numbers.

guys.. anyone interested to go for cams or an advanced driving course in october?



after reading through other forums and reading up on driving school websites.. i'm keen on ian luff's driving school.. Ian Luff's Advanced Driving School

stage 1 - 1 day, $235.95

stage 2 - 1 day, $275

stage 3 - 1 day, $345


A.) Stage 1 & 2 Car Control - $510

B.) Stage 1 & 3 (2 day CAMS course) - $580

C.) Stage 1,2 & 3 - $855

I'll be calling them tomorrow for course dates, availability, and possible club/group discounts.

LIST of Definates (Stage 1) : $235.95


Serran (oct 19)

?Uestlove (oct 19)

CCT3 (oct 19)

Thunderbird (Oct 19)

Lextcy (oct 19)

Ringo (Oct 19)

F_LEX (Oct 19)

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Ok here are the dates and the discounts... looks like 19/20/21 October is best if we go back to back on stages 1,2,&3.

I realise that most will not want to do all 3 stages because of time and money issues.

If majority can do stage 1 & 2, then 28/29 September is best.

If majority can do stage 1 & 3, then 24/25 November is best.

If majority will only do stage 1 (still worthwhile!), then I'll have to nominate 19 October, as some of us may want to do all stages, and it also gives us more time to save up.

STAGE ONE (max 30 people - 2 groups)

Wednesday 8th September

Thursday 16th September

Wednesday 22nd September

#Tuesday 28th September

Thursday 7th October

*Tuesday 19th October

Thursday 28th October

Monday 1st November

Monday 8th November

^Wednesday 24th November

STAGE TWO (max 18 people)

#Wednesday 29th September

*Wednesday 20th October

Friday 19th November

STAGE THREE (max 18 people)

Monday 27th September

*Thursday 21st October

^Thursday 25th November

# stage 1 & 2

^ stage 1 & 3

* stage 1, 2 & 3

Now, as for group discounts.. it is possible, but definate figures need to be known for which stages. So use the prices in my previous post as a guide; however, discounts will likely to be only $5-15 per stage depending on how many sign up for that stage. Besides that, the more the merrier!

More info:

Stage 1 - ideal for increasing car handling skills and lifting awareness levels using both wet and dry conditions. Conduction on the skid pan.

Stage 2 - excellent follow up to stage1 with more advanced techniques in skid and slide control on the skid pan. Stage 1 is a prerequisite.

Stage 3 - approved by CAMS for competition licence endorsement. ideal for learning all racing aspects or enjoying a 'speed fix'. Stage 1 is a prerequisite.

All courses are conducted at Oran Park race track and at Ian Luff's driving school centre.

let me know if you have any questions...

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Definates for at least Stage 1:

Serran (oct 19)


CCT3 (oct 19)

Thunderbird B)

Lextcy (oct 19)

shane, matt is 19 oct ok with you guys?

ok at 5 ppl that is $235.95 each for stage 1. 10 ppl will be less yet again.

if we can get 24 ppl we can book out the whole place for a day for stage 1 to ourselves (private booking)... dont think there are 24 IS's in Sydney? lol (i'll get quotes for this tomorrow).

this is open to other LEX's by the way guys :)

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do you reckon you would allow me in?

would love to come along!


hey buddy.. yep you're added in keep oct 19 free.. as long as you bring in the limited ed. ;) btw, are you interested in just stage 1 or others? i might sign up for stage 3 combo.

edwin.. oran park!

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ok ppl.. the invite has now officially been extended to the nsw supra club.. they are pretty keen on it as well.. and i am sure matt will extend the invite to the clio sport club

watch this space...

so if you definately want in.. put your name down as there are more supra club members than loc members in sydney! there is a limit on the number of ppl per course.

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