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Spring / Brake Replacement Suggestions?

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Hey there

Just bought an IS250 2007 sports with 97,000km on the clock

The brakes are almost done so I need new ones, i'd like some good sporty ones, will spend $100-300

Also want to lower the car from factory height (not too much, but definately lower than stock),

but try to keep the ride softness much as possible

Can you guys recommend a brand of brakes / springs to get

Also, I live in gold coast, so if you can recommend a place to buy/install them feel free

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I'll check it out

General concensus seems to be that you can't get the same soft ride with just springs

need coilovers, though haven't been able to find out if they're as soft

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i ran coilovers in my previous is250 (BC coilovers)

They were nice and low though provided slightly stiffer ride compared to stock

no aftermarket suspension will provide you with the same nice soft ride of a stock car

but the BC coilovers with 30levels of damper adjustment you can get close to it

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Semi pissed off

Went to a workshop got a quote $156 for bendix general front brakes & $156 for rears. Okay no biggy

Guy said I'd also need to machine the fronts at about $35

Then after its done he charges $88 for machining, $80 for labour

I could have gone and bought new performance discs for like $150 $200 what the hell do I want machined ones for at that price

Also could have got the brakes on the net for $104 each but thought I'd help a local out

Some good that did..

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Yeah I made the mistake of getting them to do it when they have a mobile machiner who charges them $45 callout fee

So yea basically idiot of me for using a workshop that has mobile people to do machining

Oh well its done now

Can you tell me a bit more about your coilovers?

Whatd they cost you $$

Would you recommend them?

I dont mind a bit stiffer but i'd like to retain maximum softness possible while getting some lowering cause stock is too high

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well yeah very recomended for the price

1300 delivered to your door

BC coilovers

they have 2 versions

get the V2's as they have fixed the clunking issue from the V1 in the V2

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You can be lucky though if you opt for the v1. But why bother with it when the v2 is only 150 bucks more and the v2 have a bigger shock absorber for better handling control / adjustment. (track to street). (hard action to soft luxury)

Highly recomended. Its not overly stiff. More firm then anything.

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i can help you with install

and coilovers are springs and shocks combined with rideheight and damper adjustablitiy

springs are the cheaper option but dont have adjustablitiy

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