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Don't go for Red Stuff, they're suiable for mostly track work, and need to be warmed up for them to work the best. Plus they wear out your rotors a lot quicker. I had reds few years ago on my soarer, that was just my observation. On cold, they worked terrible, however they NEVER faded when pushed hard, gripped hard all the time without fail. Useful for track, but not the street. Depends what you want to do I guess.

I suggest Green Stuff pads. I have them fitted now on the IS, and have been using them over few years now (not the same pads of course!). There is almost zero dust, I wash my car once a month (after about 2000 kays or so) and there is some dust, but only a fraction of what you'd get with oem pads after about 500 kays of driving. THey grip very well too, work well in cold, and do not fade for a long time (eventually they do if you push it hard for a long time). And they're gentler on the rotors than reds.

There is heaps of squeeky noise initially for a about 100-200 kays, but then it goes away and stays silent.

Hope this helps. :)

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I literally got new brakepads yesterday

Bendix General CT DB 1852 on front & Bendix General CT DB 1854 on rear

Most people recommend them as a good pad with low brake dust

They seem good on mine

Cost me $154 for front, 154 for rear

You can find them online for $104 though plus shipping

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i was considering between the bendex and the ebc.. still haven't decided.

is there any difference between the 09 model to the older model from brakes pad point of view?

reason for me asking is i can only find 06-08 brakes pad but can't seem to find 09 onward pads

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