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Is250 Headlight

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Hi All,

I have been having trouble with my is250 hid. Its a sports luxury and the headlight stays on for 30seconds and turns off.

I have tried replacing the globe with a new one and it still happens, so my guess is now the ballast.

i have ordered a genuine denso ballast.

Has anyone had the same problems and have you managed to fix this.

To replace the ballast it looks like i need to pull off the front bar and pull apart the headlight as this is where its kept.

Ive also checked the fuse and its fine



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hey there bud,

did u have any luck with the problem. I currently have the same issue and ive tried replacing the bulb but it still does the same thing. I turn on the lights and after a few seconds the right headlight turns off again. I try switching it back on/off but same thing happens. Its a 2006 IS250 Sport Luxury

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When you replaced the bulb did you replace it with a new globe or the globe from the other side.

Because the fault is 9/10 cause by worn electrodes in the HID globe.

If its a new globe then I would suggest its an issue with the ballast of the battery/alternator eg. Low Voltage on startup of the ballast.

If the globes are been swapped left to right then your just replicating the issue on both sides as each startup wears the electrodes evenly which is why HID globes pretty much retire together and why you get the fault on both sides.

If you need new globes we have our new Ultra Bright 5000K 3500 lumen D4S globe called the N-88R.

Feel free to drop me a PM if you have any HID related questions and I'll be happy to help you guys out.


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