I have been lucky enough to own 4 IS models and i would like to share my experience and thoughts on these particular cars. IS250 has been around since late 2005 it was a big improvement over the old is200/300 that i replaced the IS250's came in 3 grades back when it went on sale at 2005 IS250 Gen 1 Late 2005 - 2008 Presteige (Auto/Manual):Leather optional NAV/Moon roof options 16" wheels standard Sports (Auto/Manual):Non leather Alcantara seats Nav and Moon roof still option, Sports suspension and 18" wheels and Xenon lights Seat memory positions Passenger and Driver side + all the options of the Presteige Sports Luxury (Auto only):Fully loaded all options of the other models plus Radar cruise control 17" wheels and VDIM (pre collision system) **X pack Limited edition** Basicly it was a NAV and Sunroof Equipped Presteige model, Came with Sports pedals, Sports suspension and Optional 18" 5 spoke wheels. The X pack did not have any heated or cooled seats and came with normal halogen headlights** Limited run of 2007-2008 IS250 Gen 2 2009-Late 2010 Presteige (Auto/Manual):Same as usual from late 2009 the Presteige came standard with 17" wheels instead of the 16" but options remained the same F sport (Auto) :F sport now replaced the Spots model **note Alcantara was no more and now came with leather as well though front seats were replaced by the ISF front seats still came with all the gears from the previous sports, sports suspension and 18" wheels Sports Luxury (Auto):Same gear as the Gen1 **Difference between the Gen 1 and Gen 2** Subtle change from the older model though Minor tweaks in electronics TCS and VDIM (VDIM is now standard on all models) Front and rear bar minor remodel. Centre Nav controls slightly redesiged (buttons are more sleek) Different rear tail light design IS250 Gen 3 Late 2010 - Current Last minor tweak before the new model arrives Presteige: Same as the gen 2 specs **note ML system is no longer available with the base models** F sport: Same as the Gen 2 specs though Seat memory on passenger side is now deleted and addition of DRL's and a small front splitter lip from factory to give it more sport styling Sports luxury: Same Spec as Gen 2 My personal experience with the is250 This car was my first ever IS250. After owning a number high performance cars such as lancer evo's Skyline GTR's Silvia's etc i always thought of the lexus brand as a ripoff toyota luxury wannabe car maker. Back then i was driving the Lancer evolution and i was getting sick of the unwanted attentions and the lack of comfort. Decided to look at some luxury car brands (BMW,Audi,Merc etc) While i was looking at some 1 or 2 year old examples of euro makers i came across an IS250. I knew what they were but i never really payed any attention to it. this was the first time i saw this car in the flesh up close. More i was looking into this car the more i fell in love with the shape of the car Sleep Swopping lines, big rear ends sharpe looks. it was something about this car that made me think and stare at it for a while. Inspecting the interior i was more amazed with the quality of the interior. small things such as heated/cooled seats, heated mirrors, quality of the leather the list can go on and on. i was so impressed that i went for a test drive and bought the car. here are some pros and cons and brief description about the 2IS that i found that was good and bad Manual gearbox for the purist (or auto option) Entry level model pretty much has most of the luxury features that the upper models have Cheap to buy 2.5L V6 very smooth and has enough power at 153KW Awsome sound system for a standard car Very well laid out instrument clusters Well placed inteior Quiet cabin (cant even hear the engine on normal driving) Better equiped than german rivals in the same price range (a same euro car will cost around 75K ish to match the is250 with same gear) Toyota built quality and reliability Good fuel consumption (factory claims average 9.1) but on the free way iv had it down to 5.1-5.3L per 100km Awsome Nav system and reverse parking camera Cons Lack of rear interior space (hard to fit 5 adults in the car) Very heavy car for the engine it carries Manual gearbox is very notchy and flutters and buzzes alot Interior trims are very fragile and they can be scratched easily Sunroof and Nav option is another 7K option (in 2005) **note this option was worth it's money though** Pic of my manual sports with dealer optioned 18" wheels Pic of a Sports IS250 (sourced off the net) Is250 Sports luxury Is250 interior In general the IS250 was ahead of it's competition for pricing and performance. Performance figures were Max Power: 153kW @ 6400rpm Max Torque: 252Nm @ 4800rpm 0-100km/h: 8.4 seconds Max Speed: 225km/h mixed with the packed luxury features and it's bold and sexy styling the IS250 became a popular alternative to the traditional 3 serise and C class buyers Also heres a full spec list of each car in this link http://www.carbuddy.com.au/car/values/specification/default.aspx?mk=LEXUS&md=IS250