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Need Help With Identifying A Sound

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Hi all. Recently, I have just bought a IS200. Very happy with it, The only issue I have is when I start the car, there is a vibrating sound at the left front wheel area behind the glove box. It stops after a while. I would really want to find out what causes the sound. Anyone has any idea?

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Hey guys,

I hear clicking noises coming from the same area, behind the glove box, when the key is in the 'ON' position before I crank the engine.

I was told that it may be the ventilation channels going crazy.

Any ideas?

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Did you look behind the glovebox?

The cabin filter is located there and as lex51s stated there could be paper or leaves stuck there.

Maybe take the cabin filter out and clean it and anything that isn't meant to be there.

Take the glove box off by squeezing the ends together, there will be a little door, open it and you will see the filter.

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