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Differences Between 99-05 Is200

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I searched and didnt come up with anything. So here I am.

I noticed the later ones can come with HIDs in the platinum edition (which are hot as hell in gunmetal grey!)

Slightly different headlights in the later ones.

That is all I could see.

I dont want to end up buying a 01 and realising the 04 has something I really would have liked :P

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basically you have series 1 & 2 is200's & similar options for both.

series 2 (from late 2001) have the blackened headlights, black grill, 6 airbags (front, side & curtain), instead of just 4 (frot & side)

the series 2 is 5 star saftey rated - not sure on the series 1 because it doesnt have the curtain airbags)

also the interior of the series 2 has more neutral colours (more black on the dashboard) & the all important centre armrest.

series 2 is the one you want to buy imo.

good luck with the search, they are great cars to drive in manual form especially.

maybe check out my forsale advert :)



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Cars from 2001 and onwards have manually operated mirror heaters. They turn on when you turn the rear demister on. These models will have 2 symbols on the demister button.

Pre 2001 cars will ALWAYS have their mirror heaters on which may result in early failure.

Post 2001 cars also have a different audio deck (CD slot on the top). They can still ERROR 3 though.

I think they stopped using the chrome gear knob in the later year models?

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