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Lexus Lf-Gh Concept

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The shape of things to come from L.

Hey Lexo your statement is possibly more accurate than you realise.

Its fair to say the 3rd Gen IS will more closely resemble this than the pictures posted in the IS25/35 section by LEX51S.

The grill design shown on the GS concept will be addopted accross the Lexus range to give all models a similar look. It has the outer edge sloping inwards from the top then back outwards on both sides. Although not as dramatic as shown below on the concept car, this grill design will appear in the next facelift of the current models as well.


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I'm not 100% sure about the grille, it will probably be less 'out-there' on production models, but this one seems like someone cut out half the front bar and left a big hole in it...

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If you take a look at the CT200h, you can clearly see the shape of the top and bottom air intake combined is very similar to the one on the GS concept. I just don't think it'll be anything like the Audi though.

I am very much looking forward to see what the new IS/GS will be like and what tech advancement Lexus is coming out.

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The focus has been so much on the front bumper and grille styling, that I wonder if anyone's picked up on something radically different elsewhere on the body ...

A prototype has recently been seen undergoing testing at the Nürburgring. The test car was heavily camouflaged - as you would expect - and the wing mirrors looked like they were tacked on. That is, the production version isn't likely to feature the mirrors found on the prototype.

Notice how the pics above don't show any wing mirrors, but there's little stumps where the mirrors should be. Now consider this statement from the Lexus Australia Website:

The next leap forward in L finesse design was inspired by a 'clean sheet of paper approach' ... this concept explores how traditional features such as door mirrors and handles can be minimised to enhance overall sleekness and improve aerodynamics.

Is it possible we'll see traditional wing mirrors replaced by cameras capturing images that are displayed within the vehicle ... perhaps as HUD's on the windscreen?

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