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Hi everyone,

I wanted to know how to get to some of the various options available on the IS250.

When I press either the left or right button, I am only given two options - Tacho Speed and Speed Limit.

I know there are more because I have accidently disabled intruder alarm.

I have gone through the manual but couldn't find the details on how to access more options.

Are they the only options available or should there be more on the IS250 PRESTIGE?



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Thanks Fully Sick,

Strangely enough, I remember disabling the Intruder system by mistake when I first had a look at the car.

Oh well.... I suppose I will have to live with that.


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Intruder alarm can only be changed right after you swithced the car off, and before the red flashing security light comes on, if I remember correctly. It does get mentioned in the manual too :)

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