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Lexus Gs Nav Dvd Hybrid

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OK....I am trying to burn a new "hybrid" Nav DVD with two different country CDs. I have imported my GS300 from the states and a new Lexus Nav DVD is not able to be read by my Nav system. Is the loading.kiwi file the only one I need to copy over to get the system to recognize the Australian maps? There seems to be an issue with my disk reader not being able to read the Australian DVD outright. Some of the posts I've read on different sites mention that the US maps DVD is a different region than Australia, just like movie DVDs. However, someone in Germany who imported their Lexus from the States was able to burn a hybrid disk using the US files with German maps but didn't post how he did it. Can someone PLEASE help explain how to burn this hybrid disk??

Secondly, does anyone know of a way to convert my odometer to read Km verses miles?? The same goes for the temps for outside temperature and climate control system. I hope someone can please help fix this!

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