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F/s Blitz Acess Ecu. Suits V300 Aristo


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I'm new to this forum however seeing as having the VVTI 2jzgte (I have a 98 VVTI 2J RZ supra) in common with the V300 aristo guys i would join.

Especially now that guys are getting into big mods for the VVTI. i have a good rep on Sf.au if anyone is worried

Anyhow back to the post.

I have sitting in the garage the Blitz Access Ecu however for some weird reason the supra has one extra loom plug then the Aristo so i cant use this however i have plugged it in and started the car and i must say this totally changed the car (took it for a quick drive) Idle was so much smoother low end pick up was unbeliavable. Has the usual Speed cut and boost cut taken out and an increase in boost up to 17psi at WOT.

I'm after only what i paid for it.

$500 Posted anywhere in OZ

If you compare getting a GREDDY E-Manage ultimate + tune you'd be up for around 2500 depending on how in depth your tuner goes where as this will give you all that with a simple plug in and go.

any q's text me on 0432996729 i'm located on the south coast of sydney.

Will post up pics in ten





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