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Soarer Gear Box Repair

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im looking to buy a 1992 lexus soarer. except the auto gear box does not change to hugher gears which is of course an issue. how much would u guys think it would cost to repair, seen as tho i dont know enough about cars to do it myself. im really wanting to buy the soarer, but being strapped for cash and having just enough for the car, i dont know if i can afford the repair of the gear box just yet, depending on how much it will cost. please i NEED HELP urgently before the car gets sold to someone else.

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You forgot to mention what type of soarer it is.

In any case does the o/d light on the dash blink?

If so you need to check the codes that are stored in the transmission ecu.

These codes are valuable in location the possible source of the problem.

I suspect it is either a solenoid or pressure cable problem. Both are fixable by a competent home mechanic.

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