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i started noticing slight problems with my sunroof

it opens but it has trouble most of the time to close but eventually it does close

i took my car to lexus and they advise me my motor is stuffed

and i would need a new one and the part is $1079 not including fitting

i can use the tilt fine, but when i open it takes a while to close and seems

like something is jammed and reopens.

i just want to know is there another way of fixing the motor

i was advise that the string or lever or something like that is the cause on the sunroof motor

any help would be well appreciated because i would like to see if i can repair it myself or if there

is another simpler way that has been done b4

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Can you describe the fault further, does the motor make noise, slow down and struggles to close it or something, or does it slide as normal, and then just before it is completely shut, it goes in reverse and opens back fully again?

Mine has done that three times in the last three years I had this car, all I had to do was reset the sunroof ECU...

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i tried to reset the sunroof ecu but i dunno if im doing it right or something dun seem to work

i prolly get another quote from specialist and see how much for the motor thanks livs

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It sounds as if its NOT the motor, if its eventually closing and therefore doing its job, albeit with confused messages from the circutry. You may have tried this but.....Turn on accessories, and push in and hold the sunroof button for 5 seconds. See if that works.

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I treid to do the reset myself before, and it didn't work for me for soem reason, so I dropped past the dealer and they reset the ecu in two minutes, for free.

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i went to melbourne city lexus and the guy told me they tried to do a full reset and align my windows etc

thats when he told me it was the motor

what i still dun get is it still closes find but take a while of trying and not instantly

thats why i am confused

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First post - found this thread - just got a used IS250 (2007) and it seems to have the same sunroof issue....

Opens fine - to any position.

Attempt to close - goes about 9/10ths shut and auto-reverses.

However - it does that when stopped /parked/standing still.

When the car is in motion - it closes all the way.....every time.

1. Can you point me to the thread about resetting the sunroof ECU (sorry haven't been able to search/find that one yet)

2. Is this the same symptions (and have you tried shutting the sunroof while the car is moving?)


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lexus advised me to reset the sunroof u need to unplug your battery

then plug it back in again, before you initialised the windows you press and hold the sunroof button for like 5-10 sec

and your sunroof should reset, then you push each window up and down,and that should be it

hopefully that help u lexican

and yes my sunroof has the same symptoms but even when car is moving i cant close mine, well most of the time occasionally it does close, like after about 10-15 minutes of trying

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hey guys,

from memory they get the sunroofs installed in australia - only one companie does it for lexus, when i had my is200 i had problems with the sunroof and lexus told me it was the motor - i rang the sunroof place and they told me how to do the reset-



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