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Hi guys,

Im up to my 75k service and my mechanic tried to get the housing off the oil filter and he said who ever last did the service has done it up so tight he cant get it off, he doesnt want to try so hard he breaks it as it is made of aluminum

The car has allways been service at lexus Sutherland so i rang them and questioned why it was put on so tight. the guy on the phone ( Adam ) claimed they have done 100's of oil filter changes and question my mechanics ability ( he builds race engines and is a head mechanic for a pro stock race car team )so i put him on speaker and they spoke about it. I said well can i bring it in and get them to have a look and he wants to charge me and im like wtf why should you charge me to loosen a oil filter which you guys did up so tight no one can remove it. I asked who the service manager is ( Richard ) was meant to call me back but no return call which im pretty disappointed about as i want this service done.

Yous guys got any advise on what i should do.

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Chris, sorry to hear that mate, and I don't have any specific advice other than to ring another Lexus dealer and perhaps part company with Sutherland and try another dealer. I can't recommend my dealership highly enough, but they're in Melbourne so that won't help you! - but in the Lexus family as they are franchised (like most car dealerships), the level of service and attitude does vary. It might provide an opprotunity for another Lexus dealer to show you a better level of service in order to get you to switch as it were. Any one from greater Sydney that could recommend another dealer??!

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Second part to story,

no return call which pissed me off,

A friend of mine used to work as a machanic at ferrari has a mate at lexus. What happens with the oil filter housing on these lexus's as thet expand and contract sometimes they get stuck and lexus are the only ones with the tool to get them loose. Its the way of the world now with cars so you have to go back to the dealer that you brought them from to do the service.

So the car is booked in tomorrow morning in the Am to get this filter fitter at another $100 to fit a filter which to be honest is total bull*BLEEP* but what can i do i need the damm thing changed

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