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[Syd]Fs: Complete Pro Air Suspension Setup To Suite Lexus Is250 And Gs

Phantom Snail

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Selling my air suspension setup as I am selling my car and no longer require it.

Item Complete D2 Racing Full Air Coilover Suspension Kit with Easystreet Auto Pilot Digital Control System to suite Lexus Is250 and GS300/430/450 variants.

Extra Comments The D2 Racing Full Air Coilover Suspension Kit has seen very little use and is complete and in 100% working order with no faults, defects or issues whatsoever guaranteed.

Not only does this kit change air pressure, but you can also adjust the maximum and minimum ride height freely to match up a body kit to get the desired ride height.

This kit has been designed for an easy bolt-on application - its as easy as installing coilover suspension / replacing shocks on your car.

This kit comes with a high-pressure, mute and rotational speed compressor from a famous brand called AZ. Unlike other brands which make such a loud noise, each compressor comes with 4 snubbers and high-tech silencers to decrease noise suppression.

This kit has 36 levels of adjustable dampening, ride height adjustable, including upper mount in the fronts and rears.

The D2 kit consists of the following [Comes in original boxing supplied by D2]:

- 5 gallon air tank with 1/4 ports and 3/8 ports

- AZ OB2 high speed compressor

- Snubber for motor use

- High pressure hose for motor use

- High-tech silencers plate base

- 120-150 PSI pressure switch

- Paddle valve switch

- 200 PSI dual needle gauge (Paddle valve switch and gauge bracket)

- 5M power cord

- 100A fuse and fuse box

- Shock absorbers with air bag (including top mount, shock body) with 36 level of adjustable dampening

- Instruction manual

I have purchased high end quality brand new (unused) extra components to convert this kit into a full blown professional kit consisting of [Comes in original boxing supplied by Easystreet]:

- Easystreet AutoPilot Digital Control System (comes with instruction manual)

- Easystreet Digital Controller ECU

- SMC electronic air solenoid valves

- Pirtek fittings and air lines

What the above components do is change the complete system into a professional kit allowing for the following:

- One touch ride height: Allows you to return to your programmed ride height without tapping switches and watching gauges. Whether your below, or above your height, just touch one button to return to your programmed height

- Auto ride height on start: Will lift your vehicle to the programmed ride height with the start of the engine. This feature can be turned off, this is not available in some competitive products.

- Individual wheel control: Allows you to adjust each wheel separately. Also known as Front back side to side control.

- All inflate and deflate buttons: Also known as pancake control. Give you 4 wheel height control up and down with one switch.

- Accurate Manifold Mounted Transducers: The most accurate pressure sensors come pre-mounted to the valves. This eliminates the risk of leaks, and makes for an easier install.

- Digital Volt Meter: Reads the vehicles voltage to help prolong equipment and battery life.

- Auto leak Detection: Will monitor all 4 corners, if a leak occurs, the system will automatically add air accordingly and warn you of a problem.

- Tuning Feature: Teaches the system the exact requirements to lift each wheel. Ensures that the auto ride height function is perfect every time.

- Only one wire to dash: Only one wire needs to run to the dash of the vehicle. No more running airlines, power lines. And wiring every switch independently. One wire does it all.

Price $2500 :blink:

To build a kit like this, it would cost over 4.5k ... my loss is your gain

Contact Details PM me if you have any questions








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