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Just thought id tell you my story about servicing my lexus is250 and issue's i have had the last few weeks


first we could get the stupid oil filter off had to take it to lexus dealership to do. Next we finished the service yesterday (75k)

driving along car starts stall then starts again then stalls i get it to park and it has a vsc warning on the dash. while waiting for a tow truck i look up that his warning can cover anything from a broken fuel cap to transmission to injector problems and the list goes on -

Currently the car is a auto electrician who has put his computer on it and its coming up an immobilizer issue. I ring lexus and this is why i hate dealerships i explain to the guy on the phone what the issue is and he is like you will have to bring it in. All i wanted was some advise on how we might be able to get the thing started. so now its on a tow truck again to lexus so they can tell me its a immobilizer issue.

All keep you updated on how it turns out

so the main thing is if you ever get a VSC Warning it can mean any number of things

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