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Hi guys,

Anyone running 50/55W HIDs as there low beam on there IS250?

Always reading on the net a lot of people saying it will burn the projector lens, etc.

I don't think it will considering there a lot of stock halogen running at 55W and HID are supposed to produce less heat than halogens.

I've used 35W HID on my previous car and they don't cover much ground ahead.

It is definitely better than the halogen though but not by a lot (better color, lights up the side abit and only like a metre more ahead.

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55W is high beam brightness, illegal and will blind other people on the road.


it is illegal either way, ur not allowed to have aftermarket HID kits.

that what projectors are made for.

its not the brightness that causes blinding, its fag that don't have projectors or set their headlight level to beam straight.

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Stick with 35w and you should be fine and make sure your headlights are properly adjusted.

Nothing annoys me more than glare from an oncoming car. It's dangerous and should be considerate of others on the road.

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