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Hey guys!

Ben from Launceston in Tassy..

Waiting to take delivery of a new IS350 F Sport in Pearl White with optional Moonroof. Had the car on order since early April - hoping to take delivery some time around the first week of August.

Got my custom plates to put on when it arrives (ISF-350).. Can't wait!!

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Hi Ben, Welcome!

I take it your delivery was delayed due to the earthquake and subsequent production problems in Japan? I don't think you'll regret the wait.

Looking forward to reading of your experiences of driving the IS 350 on the winding roads of Tassie!

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Unsure if it caused it to be delayed or not. I was told even if the Japan Quake hadn't of happened it would still take 3 months to get one built and shipped here.

An extra month isn't too long to wait - but I am getting a little impatient now :P

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Picked my car up 4 weeks ago, absolutley wrapped with it!






Thought I'd throw up a few pics of it. Totally standard (and will probably stay that way) apart from tint and genuine rubber IS floor mats I organised to get shipped in from the UK. Trying to resist the temptation, but may look at adding some of the F Sport parts later down the track.

Awesome car for driving the great Tasmanian roads we have about the place - can't wait to get out there more!



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