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Is200 Engine Reliability

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Hi everyone,

I am thinking of buying a is200 with 200,000km. Just say the car have been serviced and maintained regularly, how many kms will the engine last for because I will be keeping the car for at least 2-3 years.


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well it depends on how it has been driven - typically toyota motors are pretty bullet proof, however the 1g has a few issues - mainly spinning bearings if not maintained, the odd oil leak & the dreaded dying coils.

k's really should not matter if its been looked after. for instance, when i bought my car it was an ex qld country car, had 235k on it. motor was very strong - never been given a hard time. when i did the engine conversion, i sold it to a guy who had a local car that had dome 240k & the motor was rattly & used oil....


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