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Well there seems to be some interest in it. I'll just wait for Danny a bit longer to see if he can get a better pricing.

I got my friend who is a mech at Lexus, he could only get them for $25 each. Aftermarket Ryco ones sold at like Repco and stuff are $28 each (I had to get one temporarily, and look like a rubbish product btw)

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sorry guys been busy with other stuff

i setn off the email

just waiting for the reply back

if we go ahead with this

ill hand these out at the meet

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So i contacted the guy that Danny gave me the heads up about. Apparently he meant $55, with shipping on top. Shipping was something ridiculous.

I think I will look else where. Unless anyone wants more then 5 themselves, I will just buy one box of 10.

pm me to let me know how many you want if you are serious. I will then work it out from there.

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So I've been able to work something out. It looks like it would be around $10 for each filter, which is considerably cheaper then what you can get from here. I've been quote by a friend who works in the servicing department at toyota/lexus that its $25 a filter.

I'm looking for people to send me PM with how many they are looking at buying.

I will finalised the numbers by the end of the week. So please PM me by this friday.

And just as another reminder, I am located in sydney, so this is most likely only worthwhile for the sydney people.

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These came in.

PM if you want some. $10 each.

And a note for people who get new cars, i would recommend servicing at 1000km yourself if lexus doesn't drop the oil for you. I got mine done, it was full of engine/metal shavings on the filter. Oil colour was pretty clear i must admit, but again with shavings running through the oil.

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