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Sat Nav Woes!


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Has anyone had their sat nav take them on a merry go round and take you miles off course? or is your sat nav unit reliable? if it is reliable which Sat Nav unit do you have ? Aftermarket or factory fitted?

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I have a 2011 IS350 with factory Sat Nav and am not a fan.

Have had several other makes of car with factory fit and they have been much better.

Will see what happens when I take it back for first service...

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I don't mind the sat nav included with my IS 250. Then again, I didn't previously use in-car sat nav and I used to use Google Maps on my computer - which, at least in the area where I live, is less accurate than WhereIs for the Lexus.

Very occasionally, it has sent me down a detour-style route when I could have just driven straight ahead. The preset driving speeds for residential streets, main roads and freeways aren't suitable for driving for where I drive and and for when I drive, but I think I've got these adjusted to my liking now. The trouble is, I now get "Quick" routes suggested to me that are sometimes estimated to take longer than the "Short" routes!

The biggest gripe (which probably hasn't been addressed in any brand of navigation software) is the suggestion to "make a U-turn if possible". Since U-turns are now illegal at every intersection in every state in Australia unless signed, it doens't make sense to suggest a U-turn unless it's on a stretch of road at least 150 m long, and with no median strip. Otherwise, Q-turns should be suggested, or turns into side streets where a U-turn can be made.

Otherwise, it's all good.

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