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2006 IS250 Sports Luxury

Some 3 months ago I drove on a dirt road and after about 15 minutes the PCS sensor warning came on. Checked no issue with the radar detector and finally took it to Lexus (Perth) who said the ECU was faulty and would be about $1k fitted and elected not to have that done.

On Tuesday I went on the same dirt road and lo and behold the PCS sensor warning went away and cruise control etc back to normal operation.

Today, out of the blue, the VCS sensor warning is now illuminated. Is there anyway to re-seat the ECU in case it is just a loose connection and if so where is it located? Or any other suggestions??



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take the negative terminal off the battery

let it sit for about 10 mins

connect it back up

that should reset the battery

turn the car on and let it idle for abit whilst it tries to relearn everything

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Short-lived optimisim! Unfortunately lasted for a day but then VSC error light came back on. Did the battery thing again and it was off for about 40 minutes then back on. Is it the same ECU that controls the VSC and PCS sensors??

Any other suggestions?


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Hi All,

I had the same problem with my sports lux, it is a know problem for the pcs computer to fail.

I had an updated pcs computer fitted by the local lexus dealer under good will warranty even though the factory warranty had run out.

It only had 43000km on the clock and was in april of this year. So if you havnt got too many kms up I would try hiiting Lexus up for some assistance with this as it is a know fault.

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