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Lexus Dashmats

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Hi All,

Not sure how you all go getting nice looking dash mats for your rides, but I had a lot of trouble trying to find any at all. Both for the ls400 and ls430.

Tried every Australian company, even those that manufacture. Any way, it took me a while to find one on the net but then I stumble across a fantastic website.

They are in the US, all the mats are hand made, you have a choice of material ranging from, cheap normal dash mat stuff to really nice suede. Lots of colours to choose from and you can even add the "Lexus" logo and other logos too. I know your thinking, but they will be left hand drive mats!!

Not so, there is a box to check to get it made in right hand drive configuration, costs extra, but no surprise there. Got one for the 400 in normal material, very nice, and plush suede for the ls430 even nicer. They even encorporate the solar sensors, only dislike is the dash mounted speakers ar covered, but that doesn't bother me. The look of the mat is so good, you really couldn't care less.

Have a look for your model, i'm sure they can help. And I will say....you wont be dissapointed. At least you know it will be Be-spoke to your vehicle.

Great Site.



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Thanks heaps for the dash info,

I've been looking for a couple of months and sending heaps of e-mails to companies in the USA to try and make me a suede dashmat cover for my right-hand-drive is250. I've had no luck until now. It should be on my dash within 2 weeks.

Again, thanks heaps.

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I have a Mrdashmat mat in my RX, which is pretty good and was well priced. The only problem was that they made it just a tiny bit too long, and it wouldn't sit flat. I overcame this by cutting the strip on the windscreen side of the screen air vents. After that it sat nice and flat.

The mat covers the centre speaker but the difference is inaudible.

Once concern is that there's no cut-out for the passenger airbag. I hope I never have to test this aspect of the design!

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http://www.mrdashmat.com/ doesn't seem to work anymore, it redirects to another supplier who don't do right hand drive dashmats nor ship outside of the US. Has anyone got another place where you've been able to source dashmats fo your Lexus? Thanks in advance.

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OK, I think I've found one. Lexus of Canberra are the distributor of aftermarket dashmats and they've quoted one for my 2010 RX350 for about $50. I'm not sure if they ship interstate but you can always give them a call.

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