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Hi, My '98 es300 done 120,000km been fine up to 2 months ago when started this hunting at low speeds, walking pace,. Idles fine, high speed ok, fuel consumption as normal. Fair bugger in car parks or other restricted speed driveways.

Local Toyota service have replaced spark plugs, both fuel filters and cleaned mass air flow meter but hunting still persists. Have trouble getting a mechanic to drive lightly and slowly. Toyota now scratching their heads. Live at Ulladulla, NSW 200 km from nearest Lexus dealer.This is our third Lexus ES300 since 1992, had car since 2000 never struck this before on other cars. Also have a 94 model, now carries my golf clubs to golf, not worth selling and getting something cheaper, where would you get climate controll, leather seats, all the comfort you need.

Any suggestions on hunting problem would be appreciated before taking the next step, trip to Sydney or let Toyota play some more.


John Anderson (Frustrated retired engineer)

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Finally found a solution to problem. Rear Oxygen sensor had failed and finally showed up on diagnostics. Previous tests had not been conclusive but must have got worse and second test gave a result. Local Toyota replaced rear O2 sensor and after brief peiod to settle in now back to smooth running. Costs were a bit high but parts were "Genuine Toyota" P/n 8946533180 $298.54 plus $88.90 labour Plus GST to fix $426.20 total. Seen cheaper on the web but do they work?? Happy Lexus driver again!!

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That's not a bad price for a genuine sensor TBH. When you fit a genuine part you know its right & wont cause any issues. If you stick to OEM brands like NTK & Bosch then you shouldn't have any problems either but getting the correct part can be the biggest issue when going aftermarket.

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