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Some Info. On Isf Joe Z Exhaust.


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Thought I would put a bit up on this as a couple of you have asked. Mid July I had my ISF fitted with a Joe Z Exhaust, Joe Z CAI and the intake manifold was ported. As far as the exhaust goes it was very loud initially, more cabin noise than I expected and a slight drone on the highway. (the drone was minimal, I hardly noticed it, others might have noticed it more). Now, after six weeks, the exhaust has definitely become quieter, about what I expected and like, I assumed this is due to carbon build up. If you ask me should I have one the answer is definitely, the car sounds fantastic and the performance is stunning. BTW, no drone anymore either.

This is the great part, I received a call from Lexus in Brisbane who said they were going to do a group buy and import the exhaust and CAI, they would have the manifold done locally. I'm not sure of the no's but I believe they did between six and eight cars. I also asked about warranty and because they did the upgrade it is still covered (not sure if Lexus are covering or the dealer, I expect Lexus) so it was really a no brainer for me.

After it was done, I was told to drive in all the different conditions, city, highway, urban as the computer had been disconnected and it would have to learn my driving style again and also the mixture from the upgrades, they said the car would get faster over the next 3-4 weeks, they were dead right. Apparently, they put the first two on the Dyno and were getting about 50 KW gains and that it was improving on every run, from what I understand this is quite unusual.

I'm not an expert on these matters and can only relate my experience, I was actually quite skeptical about the gains but having talked to some 'experts' it would seem 50 KW is feasible but would probably be the most that could be attained from what was done.

I'm quite happy to let you know what it cost me but would prefer to do this by PM so it's not on the open forum. Hope this is useful, if you have any questions, fire away.

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ISF with Headers exhaust and intake puts down about 420hp atw which is around 310.8kw atw on the dyno

highest n/a ever recorded so far is 434hp atw which has had the manifold ported as well

the ecu on our isf is a self learning ecu which will learn the driving style and also any minor modifications made to the car

the reason for having higher numbers when dyno'd back to back is due to the ecu learning the mods and adjusting the fuel mixtures out..

though this is a good thing im still waiting on a piggyback ecu of some sort as our isf's run really rich on the top end

Other exhaust you may consider to joez is ISS forged Greddy Ti or HKS

as for the intakes a joe z intake pipe will do the job

Brisman iv only seen or heard of Joez intake piping not a full CAI system

AFAIK the only full cai is injen, K&N and Takeda

a full CAI system with a ram pod will provide more power on the top of the rev range, whilist bottom end torque is sacrificed

What filter are you running with your Joez?

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Thanks for the information, your obviously know a lot about these mods. I'm still learning and possibly sounding a bit ignorant. From what you said I will only have the intake piping and not the full CAI system, I'll need to ask Lexus and as far as the filter, no idea. To be honest, I was only looking at importing the exhaust myself but when Lexus said they would do this, this and this for an extra 50KW and this price I just said go ahead. For me to import the Joe Z exhaust on my own was the same price Lexus charged me to do all three. It was the exhaust I was interested in so the other two were a bonus and I actually didn't ask too much about them (sound like a real air head now).

I suppose at the end of the day, I got what I wanted, at the price I was happy with and the car goes and sounds the way I want it.

I'll have to some research on the CAI so I understand a bit better (ram pod???).

Again, thanks for the feedback, glad I joined, learning more already.


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all good mate

iv been watching and learning from the ISF sections on clublexus

this is what a Joe Z looks like


Also incar footage of the Joe Z

CAI is a Cold air intake which i have on my car



also my injen in car footage that iv made earlier

to describe it.. well it sounds like your cars reving above 4K rpm everygear

hope that helps if you need any more info or have any questions shoot me a pm happy to help you anytime

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  • 3 weeks later...

Had my JoeZ fitted by Chatswood yesterday, sounds amazing. Yes it's fairly loud but cruising speeds seem to fine. Slight drone around the 1500rpm.

As Brisman mentioned will give it some time to settle before making any definite judgements on drone. The quality and fittment was excellent.

The V8 note is just so unique to anything on the road though.... I've just been finding excuses to go for drives :)

Big thanks to Sid and the crew from Lexus Chatswood for getting this sorted for me - as always a pleasure to deal with.

Also saw Ritchie's car in there getting the intake manifold treatment :) - please keep us posted when you get the car back.



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Hey Mike, glad your happy, it does sound very unique. I'm the same as you, any excuse for a drive.

Let us know what you think after it settles in.

I'm also interested in how Ritchie's car is after the manifold treatment.


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Manifold ???

U mean headers???

No Danny, Intake Manifold porting. Lex Chats is sending the manifold down to get ported as per Brisman's mod.

However, there is some good news in regards to headers, Sid mentioned Chatswood Lex is having PPE here around Nov /Dec to design a set of headers for right-hand drive cars... good things to come :)

Damn, I'm loving the ISF with JoeZ, giggling like a school girl, driving through tunnels :D

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I'd be interested in headers, keep me posted.

Just got this message directly from PPE this morning

Hi Mike,

I am please to tell you that we will be developing a header fo the Right hand drive Australian Spec ISF (as well as IS250 and IS350).

We will be working with Lexus if Chatswood to develope the new driver's side header.


We should have them available early next year.

Best Regards,


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oh and add a bit of premium lol

if ppe and chatswood lexus was to see it for around 1.5K

then id say thats a resonable price

though anyhing more than 2K ill be starting to think that we'll be paying too much

but would love to see some progress and more products for our ISF's

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Hey guys,

Yes intake was sent for porting,polishing , but from what im told by the guys at chatswood it was a *BLEEP*ty job , so they fixed it up for me (Legends they are)

Oh hey Mikenbn, I assume yours was the other ISF with the nasty sounds coming from the exhaust ... I love it .!

Do you hav any other mods done to yours.? I do hav a spare JoeZ intake here (make an offer if your keen )

Not sure if the intake mod made any power till we Dyno it in a few weeks.

Will keep u guys in the loop .!


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Hey Richie,

Please keep us posted on the porting ...

Sorry but I didn't think you were there when last Friday when I got the exhaust fitted ?

I've got a set of KWV3, 20" dubs, flat bottom wheel and now the JoeZ cat back.

I'm looking at the icode intake and replacement filter. Will keep in mind about your joeZ though, thanks


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I tried posting this already earlier tonight but does not seem to have gone through. I got my JoeZ fitted on Tuesday by Lexus Chatswood. Exhaust is top quality and a splendid job done by Sid and Chris and the great team at Lexus Chatswood. It is a bit noisier in the cabin at 1500 to 2000rpm under load than I expected but it sounds fantastic at all other rpm. Will see how it settles in the next few weeks. Followed the ISF home with my wife driving it from Chatswood on Tuesday night as I left my 4wd there earlier in the day with old stock exhaust loaded into it. Was a good opportunity to hear it from outside and it sounds brilliant even at the low rpm range, when it gets going it sounds like it means real business. Definitely improved power and the Ingen intake can now do its job properly. Breaks loose in sport mode much more than before with traction control not catching it like it used to before - all up very happy and look forward to getting back on the track to measure improvments.

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Nice one, it will quieten down a wee bit. Interesting and I hadn't thought about it, your dead right though traction control is not catching like it used to.

It will be good to see what you think when it's on the track.

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Ahh so that was you Malibu , picking up your ISF on Tuesday! Sounded gorgeous!

I was picking up my blue ISF , I've had the JoeZ fitted for quite a while now.

Yes the intake was removed for a clean up, can def feel some difference in the upper part of the Rev range!

Am now awaiting some headers, and some other bolt on goodies!



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Hi Richie

Sorry did not get to chat but I had to make a 4.30 appointment back in Rhodes. Did not realise you had a JoeZ as well. I am still enjoying mine although double demerits holding me back a bit this weekend. V8 tone is now perfect and the exhaust finish is amazing - took some pics of the underside of the car this morning. Headers seem to definitely give the biggest bang for your buck and together with intake and JoeZ sub 12s in the quarter mile are possible which is quick for a car with the reliability of the ISF. Let me know how you progress with headers and Sid will keep me in the loop with RHD header developments. I would like semi-slicks for track days as this will give the biggest single improvement to lap times. I had an AC Cobra on semi-slicks a few years back and this transformed the car from mid field runner to road class lap record contender. Loving my ISF, is a reliable bulletproof setup.



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