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Perth Lexus Servicing Alternatives

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Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone can recommend alternatives to Perth Lexus for servicing. I have a 2007 IS250 Luxury wth the warranty ending in March, I feel that as we only have 1 Lexus dealer in Perth, they tend to be expensive (and not necessarily that great customer service either....). I see that others have used Toyota dealers? Cheers!

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An update on this, I was quoted $640 from Lexus and $275 from a Toyota Dealer for the 45K service. True, Lexus do give you a loan car (last time I got a hail damaged 2010 Prestige with the driver door handle cover hanging off......) but I don't think that is worth $300 odd dollars extra. I am having the service performed on Monday, will update after then. Thanks. BTW my warranty ended March 2011 so not too worried about not servicing through Lexus anymore.

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For anyone interested I went to City Toyota at their Northbridge service centre on Monday to have the 45K service performed. I cannot recommend them enough for their professionalism and overall service (take note Perth Lexus....). It cost me exactly as they quoted, $275, the car was immaculate inside and out when I picked it up even after not washing it for a couple of months (yes slack and I am suitably ashamed), my front wheels were spotlessly free from brake dust! Anyone wanting to try them, I just emailed them for a quote, they now have a copy of my Lexus manual servicing details and will service and quote to that. I will definitely be going back next year! Cheers, David.

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