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Hi friends, I am a new member for this club and thankful to each and everyone here who started and who supporting....

I got 1990 Toyota Celsior/ LS400, the dash warning lights are coming on below 100rpm and go out again over 1000rpm? they are the red battery light, the yellow radiator light, the yellow brake warning light, and the oil pressure light. One more thing,,the speed censor not showing proper speed. after driving 10-15 kms then only it starts to move,,,but not perfect. Can anyone help me please as to what is happening or good auto electrician/mechanic in Melbourne. thanks.

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Would say most of your light problems stem from poor idle conditions,

Sort idle out and the rest should come good my friend! But it could also be your alternator on it's way out!

Your speedo problem would most probably be in your binacle. (Guage cluster) You may find with more use it gets better, other wise get your self a good second hand one.

I take it that it's a new purchase?


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