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Ls400 Surging Near The Redline

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Got a 1992 ls400 and it seems to be surging when near the redline and won't shift into the next gear straight away. Could this be to do with either a blocked fuel filter or maybe the timing belt has jumped a tooth? error code tells me left cam sensor so im thinking the belt may have stretched...

any ideas?

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This is a typical high end rev issue which could most definately be related to cam timing. It's possible it has jumped a tooth, but you only have one way of finding out........have a look!

Poor old LS getting it's neck rung like that!! ha ha! Go the Japanese V8


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Some of the older holden V8's can run good all day long and only give bad missing running issues when given the beans at the top of the rev range. Usually connected to worn cam lobes, but it's doubtful you would have the same wear issue, just out of timing. Seen belts jump on a couple of cars now, doesn't happen all that often....but it does happen 100%


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