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Hi guys,

I've recently updated to ver 17 navigation in my is250.

Before and after the update I've never been able to get turn by turn voice guidance navigation to work. I've got the volume setting set to max and have got the voice guidance option turned on in the settings menu.

Not sure what else I need to select to get it to work...

Can anyone help?

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That doesn't seem normal.

As you change the volume setting for Voice Guidance, you should hear something like, "Guidance will be heard at this level." If you don't, then either the 2006 software works differently to that on my MY10 model or, more likely, there's a fault with the connection between the satnav and the speakers.

If you can hear the female British twang as you change the sound level, then it isn't a problem with speakers or speaker connections; but it's hard to say what it is, seeing that you've tried two different versions of the satnav software.

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I think dis-lex-sic meant "Nav manual", the manual for the EMV unit that's separate from the IS250 Owner's Manual.

On my MY10 display, the Setup screen for Voice has three parts: the volume level, "Auto voice guidance" (on/off), and "Voice guidance in all modes" (on/off). According to my Nav manual, "Voice guidance in all modes" can control whether or not voice guidance is given in various modes; it cites the radio and air conditioning as various "modes". If you have any other settings in the Voice setup screen, please let me know.

Assuming your available Voice setup controls are the same as mine, your symptoms could only occur if (a) "Voice guidance in all modes" is turned OFF (you've turned it ON - right?) and (B) you're playing around with the controls while driving - which I'm sure you're not, if you're troubleshooting.

I could give you some ideas on how to identify a workaroudn for the problem (e.g. turn air con on/off; or, once you start following the blue line, press the Audio button, then press the Map button once to return to the map), but this wouldn't change the likelihood that what you have is a defect.

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