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Spring Nats


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Had to go to the Spring Nats in Shepperton today and while waiting, noticed the Dyno guys were a little bored (dyno'd a Polarise Golf Buggy and then a Mazda Bravo Ute).

So asking if they want to run my little Jap bucket of bolts ;)

Guess I have to be happy with that :D


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I think you can just see it in the shot, Mainline Dyno.

As I say, I was not there for my car. I was there on other business and standing around watching the Dyno guys put all sorts of things on their dyno and thought what the heck and asked them if they would be happy to put my car on.

They did two runs; one in 5th 263 and one in 4th 257 Kw.

Nothing special done, reversed car onto ramps popped the bonnet but left closed, put the fan in front, let the car warm up and then I think they do some sort of test and then the two runs :D

I was pretty happy with the result, especially when put up against the 19Kw from the Polarise Golf Buggy thing and 95 Kw from the Mazda Bravo ute :lol: but then I was put in my place by a 390 Kw Holden Ute :o with nothing sticking out of the bonnet, I think it might have had a BB under the bonnet.

Most probably the first and last time it will see a dyno LOL

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