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I have yet to be impressed by any Lexus dealership, but I've only dealt with 2 of the handful of Victorian dealerships. Melbourne City are basically hopeless - been there a few times, they don't call back (and I left them with a business card, AND a specific part number), they don't have accurate stock. The display room is ok but pretty small. The used car area is tiny and dirty. The service area is worse looking than my local Holden dealers.

Blackburn isn't much better. Ok, I'll forgive them for the layout as they're building a new site, but I shouldn't have to run down the road to the spare parts area, pick up a part, then have to run back up to the main building to get a receipt. The spare parts area is pretty basic (space for 2 cars, I was there 5 minutes and got blocked in), so I hope they're on the list for the new building. The display room is tiny, I had a look at a CT200H while I was waiting and they had a base model on display. Who's going to buy a "luxury" car without a display screen these days ? Why would you put the base model on display anyway... I think they've got space for maybe 5 cars.

I have been into a US dealership (bought a bunch of parts for my IS300 150k service) and the difference was night-and-day. Spare parts area is practically as good as the rest of the showroom, everything in stock AND lots of Lexus-badged stuff as well (shirts, caps, etc).

The sale experience should be as good as walking into (say) an Apple store, really even better given the amount of money people are going to spend (and the mark-up Lexus Australia put on their cars).

The "Lexus of xxx" titles should be more than a marketing decision. It needs to flow through the company so as soon as a customer walks in the door they're somewhere upmarket from the Toyota/Mazda/Holden dealerships. Go to somewhere like BMW of Doncaster and compare the difference...

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Hi GGPIS300, its interesting to hear what you say about the dealership in Melbourne, it is rather shocking. I've been to other dealers, but by far, the BMW dealer that i went into, was the worse. The people are just shocking, really puts the brand off for me, which is a shame really

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I find that no particular dealer is consistently excellent as almost every time I visit someone different serves me and as you can imagine, the level of customer service varies.

But if someone does find a dealer in Sydney that is far and above better than the rest please post!

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The people at dealerships are human too and not personal slaves.

The attitude you have approaching the dealership will greatly impact your experience.

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