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Hi all, I've been reading this forum for the past few weeks and researching about the different models of the is250.I'm located in Sydney and in the market of purchasing a 2nd hand 2005-2009 IS250. I want one with leather and EMV.

I've been reading that alot of people are recommending to get the sports or SL model over the standard prestige (simply as it is 'basic"). However, I am quite confused as there's plenty of prestige models out there that have the EMV, leather as well as premium, mark levinson audio system and reverse camera optioned in.

My questions are:

1. Does the EMV package include reverse camera, bluetooth, sat nav and ML audio system? Or is the audio system upgrade a separate package?

2. Should I get the sports or SL model when there are plently of prestige models out there with extras optioned in?

3. Does the Sport lux model come in any other interior trims OTHER THAN woodgrain? I'm not a fan of wodgrain at all..

4. Is $30-32K realistic for the options I want with a car that is less than 100,000kms on the odometer?


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1. In 2005-2009 IS 250 Sports models, the optional EMV package always included Mark Levinson audio. I'm fairly sure this was also the case with 2006-2009 IS 250 Prestige models. (The base model released in 2005 didn't have EMV as an option.)

2. Some features can never be made available in fully optioned Prestige models, such as radar cruise control, Pre-crash Collision System, Adaptive Front lighting System, seat memory positions, reverse dipping and electrochromatic mirrors and electric rear sunshade. So the answer will depend on what features you want, and what you're willing to pay. Have a look at the feature list here: http://au.lexusownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=10109

3. Pity, given that it's real wood fashioned by Yamaha and Kawai piano craftsmen. But the Sports Luxury always comes with woodgrain (always Birds Eye Maple in the earlier models; I think the more subtle Slate woodgrain didn't come until the later models). You can buy aftermarket trim, or cover it with adhesive such as carbon fibre tape. There's a very good example with photos in these forums.

4. I'll leave this question to recent buyers/sellers and market watchers.

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In addition to what Lexus nerd has said, the Mark Levinson audio is included in the EMV pack for the 1st series IS250 (Pre-MY09 updates). Some MY09 (2008 build) will come with the Mark Levinson audio with EMV but the 2009 builds will not.

4. You could easily pick up an 2006-2007 sports luxury with less than 100,000km for under $32,000.

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