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Few Questions About Purchasing Second Hand Is250

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Hey, I have a few questions before making any final decisions:

1. Would it make a big difference if the car is second owner instead of first?

2. Do KMs make much difference or just for resale value?

3. I found a cheap 2005 SL 44,000kms for $30k but it's second owner and the person seems to be selling both of his IS250 what do you guys think?

4. There's a 2007 IS250 X 53,000kms for $32k but may be able to get it for $30k also first owner as well, what do you think?

5. There's also a 2006 Prestige 85,000kms for $26k but without EMV

My max budgets $30k what do you think is the best I could get with this?

Being cautious :P don't want to have to buy a lemon and put more $$ into it

I'm in VIC btw


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Definitely a benefit buying a pre owned car from the first owner purely for your resale as you can mention that you are the second owner.

The IS250x will have a few more features and of course its better to have the 2007 over a 2005.

My personal choice would have to be number 4 though

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Like Richard, I've been on the look out for a good IS250 2009 / 2010 SL, preferably Silver colour and have not had much success so far.

What I have learnt is that false advertising is rampant - be they private sellers or Lexus dealers. One dealer is advertising a car as 2009 MY 2010, when it is just an MY 2009, another has the advertised mileage on a "demonstrator" vehicle almost 2500 kms below the current odometer reading, one private owner claims the car is a 2009, MY 2010 when it is a 2008 model !!!

So definitely it is a case of buyer beware in this segment of the market, as far as I'm concerned.

Has anyone taken up the option of an extended Lexus warranty? Is it worth the $2K that it costs? Any fine print to be aware of?



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