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Nav/lcd Freezing And Unexplainable Issues

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Hey guys.

I have an issue with my 06 is250.

The screen freezes then goes to "Energy Monitor" then gradually turns white and turns off completely.

I have been advised my Lexus the screen image of the "Energy Monitor" is for a hybrid, which my car is not.

I have sent photos to Lexus to investigate and advise me of a fix, anyone seen this before? I am anticipating a large amount of $$ for replacement.

I have an aftermarket iPod connector and Screens in my head rests, would this have something to do with it ? I will attach some photos of the images on the screen when I have some time.

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Someone was sleeping on the job at the Lexus factory and gave you a HS250 EMV :P

Is this the screen you're getting:


Very bizarre, and should never come up on an IS250. Would love to hear what Lexus say about it.

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