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Hello All!


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Howdy all

My names Jeremy from Perth, a co-owner of Tengoku Imports, and im super keen in picking up a clean clean clean is250 (only for me to mod it!)

I have just stripped my 400+wrhp RX7 which I built over 2 years (owned it for 5), and decided that it was time to give up the loud, fast, low, outrageous street car and go for something a little bit more sensible

My previous list of cars consisted of R34 GTR, 135i, Golf R

Until stumbling across some of my suppliers who actually do parts for is250's, these never appealed to me

But now im set on one.. im even starting to buy parts for it!

I just have to start clearing my garage out

Hope I can bring something to the forums!

Cheers :)

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