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Tyre Pressure

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It's easier to do skids and drifts if the rears are up higher :)

I usually go 38 - 40 all round. It's sometimes hard to see a low profile tyre losing air.

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I use 40 psi alround. Never really had issues with my tyres except when I got a screw in my rear left. Have any of you guys bought tyres online before?

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Your service department's recommendation of 38 psi would be for the rear tyres. They are probably recommending what's on the tyre placard/Owners Manual, or slightly more. Even if you go by a car's placard, a higher pressure is usually recommended for the driving wheels.

Throughout my car ownership life, I have always over-inflated the tyres by a small amount. Automobile associations recommend about 4 psi over the tyre placard, while a driving course I attended recommended 4-6 psi. I currently use cold tyre pressures of 43 psi for the rear, and 40 psi for the front.

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Thanks Malibu, I'll be sure to check them out. I have a good friend of mine who usually does my friends, family and my own tires but even though he did a good deal for me I still find them quiet expensive. He told me that the rear tyres on the Isf are a unique size to the Isf and the Audi TTRS.

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Hi Marvin

Everyone to their own but have you considered going with a wider tyre i.e. 265 or 275. This is still ok for the std 9" rim and has been done on many ISF's. I have gone 275x30x19 Michelins - not an available size in Oz. s just under 1 week to get here.

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