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Hi all,

I copped a huge paint chip on the weekend, its 4-5mm round and all the way down to the metal and is very noticeable.

Does anyone know any good stone chip / Dent repair guys in sydney? i have had a bit of a google and there looks to be heaps of dent repair/scratch repair places but it looks like they paint the whole panel, i would much prefer the chip just filled in and as much of the standard paint/clearcoat kept intact.



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Hi Vukie,

Try Exclusive Body Werks in Granville, or Northshore Classic in Artarmon. Both of them are Lexus recommended body and paint repairers. When my bumper was scraped earlier this year, I decided to choose someone else who would repaint the entire panel, but these two offered to just repair the affcted area if that's your preference (Northshore Classic would repaint he affected area, but clear coat the entire panel).

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I had a chip on my front bumper about 15mm in length. I called up the Touchup Guys. They came to my house the next day, took just under 2 hours from the time they arrived until the time they left, and costed $250. I was very pleased with the job.

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