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My Lexus IS 250 6sp Auto has done 120,000 km. The Auto Trans Fluid oil has never been changed, Im told by the dealer it’s "Fill for Life" I know from my Lube days that no oil lasts forever, & I would like to replace it..


- How many Litres do I need?

- Does Lexus sell IS250 6sp Auto ATF thru their Spares? approx Cost ?

- Any aftermarket brands that supply this ATF ?

- Does it need Transmission oil filter

- Can anybody recommend a Japanese Auto Trans specialist in Syd (pref in Southern surburbs , nr Toyota head office)

Any one changed their ATF before & can provide any tips ..?

Thanks, Mr Z

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According to the Owners Manual, you will need 1.5 L of Toyota Genuine ATF WS. Hopefully, others can answer the other questions.

I'm sure a dealer will perform a change if you insist. If not your local Lexus dealer, then a Toyota dealer ...

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Thanks guys. Lexus Dealer quoted 'about $500'. Seems exxy for an oil change, especially if (as Lexus Nerd says) it only needs 1.5L of oil.!

Only 1.5L seems like a very Small quantity. Is this auto tranny small.?

Does anyone know how much approx Toyota Genuine ATF WS costs?

Are Filters gaskets or other extras required during this Auto tranny's oil change?

Can you DIY by dropping the tranny's oil pan, emptying the old ATF & replacing it with new ATF ? Or is most of the ATF in the torque converter?

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You'll probably need more like 3-4L. A 4L pack of WS is NZ$212 over here (AU$165) Although if the price Lexus AU charge for spark plugs is anything to go buy then they probably charge a lot more for WS fluid.

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