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Just Purchased, Already In Love.


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Gidday everyone

Well, I picked up my new to me 2010 rx450h on Friday and despite it being the priciest car i have ever bought, my decision has left a permanent smile on my face. My wife is getting jealous at the amount of time I have spent sitting in it in the garage trying to master the myriad of technologies that the Sport Luxury model has to offer. I must admit the way the interior lights come on and the mirrors light the path as i walk past with key in my pocket, has me talking to it. It's like my dog wagging it's tail when I walk out. "Good Lexus not now,later"

My buying experience was everything they said it would be. Ryan and Chris from Lexus at Newcastle were outstanding. They sourced an outstanding vehicle and organised a tremendous finance deal that made it all happen, making the entire experience a happy one. Can't wait to get first free car wash, although it is one of the more enjoyable activities on a sunny Sunday, listening to the footy polishing up a beautiful new car.

About the only disappointment was with the insurer ''Youi' which I found as a sugested insurer for lexus. Gave me a great premium all beit with a high excess until I mention this was a family car and enquired about teaching my daughter to drive. My premium rose by $1800. When i said that AAMI CHARGE NOTHING for learners only a doubling of excess, they suggested I cancel my policy, which I promptly did. You Go AAMI!

'YOUI' good luck and good riddens.

I was wondering if any of the other hybrid drivers have a comment on fuel consumption. I havent done any highway K's yet, work and family commitments have stopped me, but I am getting around 10lts/100ks around town so far which is heaps better than my previous Kluger but a long way from the 6.4 they suggest.

Actually if anyone has any advice on the 450 i'd love to hear it

Cheers for now

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Hi moe_63, and welcome!

We have a another recent RX450h owner, and I hope to hear his thoughts on fuel consumption soon.

In the meantime, my guess is that it might take a few kilometres and tank refills before you see actual fuel consumption approach the ADR test value. This has certainly been the experience of CT 200h owners, as you can see by reading their posts in the CT forum.

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Thanks Hazza,

I found the eco mode and the fuel consumption is heading south now. I will look forward to dicussing some other features at a later date.

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Hi moe

Had a 450 h for two and a half years averaged 8.3 lt per 100 kms lot of country driving tho,

Just picked up new 2012 450h all tops except heater not working took it back to dealer they were at a loss anyone else with that prob .?


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