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hey guys, has anyone ever fixed their stock sub? or know a way around to make it work? mine currently doesnt work, but just before went over a bump on the road and it turned on for about 5 secs and then turned off again! thats my first problem, the second is that it sounded like sh*t when it did turn on, so is it totally stuffed?

when i arrived home i opened my boot and pretty much started bashing the grille for the sub in the boot with the music loud and bass on full, and it would turn on, and then off again, still sounding crap!

hope someone has a bit of an answer for me, i want my sub back!! lol

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Mate - that simply sounds like a loose connection to me - simple as that. If under warranty, take to a Lexus dealer for an immediate fix. If not, a trip to a car audio professional and they'll sort it out surely. If the unit itself is sounding crap, (buzzing or clicking) it still could just be the result of a poor connection. Just wonder whether the problem is at the amp terminal for your Sub channel? Also check there is no moisture around the terminals either. You audio professional should be able to isolate the sub and run it through another amp and sound source he would have to determine if the sub unit is damaged. In my experience, its very difficult to 'blow' a half decent sub, so Im thinking (hoping for you), that is a terminal issue (short/moisture/loose).

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ah need to try and find a place that would even look at it haha dont have a clue of a place! might head down to a wrecker tmrw and see if they have any ml subs worth buying, if they do, i know what my mission is tmrw lol

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