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Hello From New Member (Nsw - Is350F)


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hey guys,

name is kevin, a baby at 21 years of age, from south-west sydney.

just signed up on this forum, used to frequent the "JDMST" forum, formally a regular drifter at eastern creek (leisure).

had my fair share of jap cars (rx7's, skyline's, silvia's, ae86's)

got out of the jap game a while ago and started tinkering with good old american classics (dodge's, chevy's, harley's and truck's)

have previously been through 2 lexus LS400's and a yota' celsior.

anyway, today i have purchased an IS350 F-Sport from North Sydney's one and only "Lexus Of Chatswood".

will upload pics on tuesday night when i pick it up and might start a build thread if there is a section on this forum??

well.. nice to meet you all, and hope to meet other enthusiasts through other threads/events ect.


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Welcome to the club! A very nice car indeed! At such a young age, you are doing very well mate!

Any plans for the car?

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Welcome to the club mate, check out the PPE engineering headers for your car.

Im going to be purchasing them soon for my GS.

Great gains!!

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dear god, sorry guys. have been flat chat the last month or so and completley forgot.

will try do a photoshoot on the weekend if i can find time.

as for plans, the car already has an f-sport intake and throttle controller, "sid" from chatswood service called the other day to notify that my tein coilovers are in from japan. dont know if i want to fit them just yet, so theres a chance they could be for sale pretty soon.

anyway, if i can find the time to do a photoshoot, i will definatley start a build thread.

BTW, i love the car to bits haha, absoloutley phemonimal (for a daily), but no where near the ISF that michael let me test drive haha

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