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hey guys... wanna gather some opnions... would the hybrid car better value when resell????

for example.. the new RX350 & RX450h... just comparing f sport models... so everything is same except powerchain... the 450h is $4000+more than rx350... so i did a rough calculation... you have to 450h at least 3 years, probably 4... to make an even...

however, as the the hybrid car more complicated... e.g. the battery warranty 8 years or 160k km whichever first..so maybe when come to resell, buyers will worry about more cost after warranty??? it's just assumpsion..

so would a hybrid worth the $4000 extra??? as the new 450h they dont have LED headlight standard anymore except sport luxury model...

any advise is appreciated...

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Thanks a lot Atlantis, that's the point I feel confused... The 450h Does save a lot fuel from 350.. But 450h also cost 4000 more initially, and maybe later on more expensive service cost too... That's where save fuels but not really save money...so any other point that 450h is really better than 350???

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but the 450h does come with more extra equipment

sherlock you have to pay to play the game

your driving a new tech car (hybrid)

later on prices will be cheaper and most cars will be hybrid

but for now driving a hybrid has more meaning in other ways other than saving fuel

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I think Sherlock is exhibiting what marketers call "dissonance-reducing buyer behaviour". That's okay; we all do it when we buy something expensive and there's so much choice out there.

I hope I can put your mind at ease ...

You will get your money back on the initial purchase price through fuel savings and little increase in maintenance costs. Depending on the way you drive in the city, you will save $1000-$1800 for each 15,000 km driven (at $1.50 per litre of fuel). The maintenance cost for a hybrid isn't much more: check out this Lexus dealer's service pricing schedule and you'll find that the difference in the first three years between servicing an RX350 and RX450h is $55. I bet diesel owners can't say that.

On depreciation: The first few Prius hybrids had issues with battery longevity; Toyota responded by improving the batteries, dropping the price of replacements, and extending the warranty. This probably did little to change the perception of hybrids in Australia, and that may have affected resale values; but changing perceptions required some time. In 2012, hybrid sales have doubled, and most of the luxury car manufacturers (importantly, in Europe, where diesel is de rigeur) are talking about bringing hybrid versions of their cars to market. So ilv1004s is right to suggest that we'll have a lot of hybrids on our roads in years to come. In 5-8 years' time, anything could happen: fuel prices may climb higher than inflation, and Australia's perception of hybrids could change to the point where hybrids fetch better resale value than petrol vehicles, as has been the case in the US. Oh, and replacement batteries could be even cheaper. These predictions might be wrong; but it at least casts doubts over the suggestion that, in a few years' time, hybrid resale values will be a problem. That is not a sure thing. So I wouldn't worry too much about the resale value, and I certainly wouldn't worry about replacing the battery if you do decide to hang onto it for more than 8 years.

For now, you paid just 5% more for an SUV that performs like it has a 4.5 L engine, uses less fuel than a 2-litre one, would struggle to sound sickly even if you neglected servicing ... and to be a member of the blue-badged, forward-thinking elite. :)

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thank guys... especially lance very professional explainaton... i think i was having "dissonance-reducing buyer behaviour"....haha.. however, i just wanna gather more info before i make decision... where i still more towards hybrid, especially for a SUV...It is hard to say worth or not for paying extra for hybrid by now... however, as danny said, have to pay to play the game...

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